Medical Student Visas for Romania

The Romanian visa can be acquired from your closest Romanian embassy or consulate . Student visas usually take up to a month to process. A student visa is a must for all students who want to study in Romania, including E.U member country students. One must have an acceptance letter from the Ministry of Education before applying for a visa. Below are a list of requirements for the different visas. Some passport holders (E.U member countries) may travel without a Romanian visa and apply for their student card within Romania. Please consult your closest embassy.

Romanian Visa Requirements

General Romanian Visa Requirements

  • Passport must be valid for at least 6 months after exiting Romania
  • Completed application form
  • 1 colour photo per applicant
  • Airline ticket including the return to final destination (usually booking forms from travel agent will be accepted)
  • International medical insurance

Student Visa (All of general visa requirements and the following)

  • letter of acceptance from Romanian Ministry of Education
  • Proof of tution payment
  • Proof of sufficient funds for full period in Romania (250 Euro/month)

Tourist Visa (All of general Romanian visa requirements and the following)

  • proof of sufficient funds for stay in Romania (100 Euro/day)
  • Reservation at a hotel (not always needed)

Business Visa (All of general requirements and the following)

  • a letter from the local company and a letter from the Romanian company detailing the reason for visit
  • proof of sufficient funds for full period of stay (100 Euro/day)
  • proof of booked accommodation

Click here for a list of International Romanian embassies and consulates in your country

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