Medical School Program Timetable

The Romanian Ministry of Education and Culture in partnership with the universities are committed to creating and maintaining an exciting and productive student environment for medical student education.

Students benefit from the cultural, academic and professional diversity of the international student facuilties and of their classmates. Romanian University Medical School Programs fosters the challenge of teamwork and the exchange of ideas. Medical Students participate in a number of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities aimed at enhancing their development as individuals and community leaders.

Romanian Universities usually have an orientation program specifically for new international students which takes place during the registration week. Its best for new students to arrive a few weeks prior to registration so they can get settled with accommodation and with finding their way around the city.

Medical School Programme

  From To Total
School October 1st December 20th 14 weeks
Winter Vacations December 22nd January 3rd 2 weeks
School January 5th January 29th 4 weeks
Examinations February 2nd February 28th 4 weeks
Spring vacations March 2nd March 8th 1 week
School March 9th June 26th 16 weeks
Eastern Vacations April 18th April 24th 1 week
Examinations June 26th July 24th 4 weeks
Summer Practice/Summer Holidays July 24th August 7th 4 weeks
Re-examinations September 2nd September 23rd 3 weeks
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