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Romania acts as a popular doorway to Eastern Europe and Oradea is one of the cities most travelled through by Europeans travelling into Eastern Europe. Oradea is 5 minutes from the Hungarian border on the North Eastern tip of Romania. During summer, many tourists stop over in Oradea, visiting the beautiful attractions and geo-thermal baths, on their way further into Eastern Europe. Below are two maps that give and idea of where Oradea and Romania are located in relation to other countries.

Medical Student Visas for Romania

The Romanian visa can be acquired from your closest Romanian embassy or consulate . Student visas usually take up to a month to process. A student visa is a must for all students who want to study in Romania, including E.U member country students. One must have an acceptance letter from the Ministry of Education before applying for a visa. Below are a list of requirements for the different visas. Some passport holders (E.U member countries) may travel without a Romanian visa and apply for their student card within Romania. Please consult your closest embassy.

Foreign Medical Student Life in Romania

The university is committed to creating and maintaining an exciting and productive student environment for Foreign Medical Student Education. Students benefit from the cultural, academic and professional diversity of the faculty and of their classmates. Oradea University fosters the challenge of teamwork and the exchange of ideas. Medical Students participation in a number of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities aimed at enhancing their development as individuals and community leaders is encouraged and promoted. All new students entering Oradea are welcomed to attend an orientation session held by the student association.

Oradea is a university city in Eastern/Central Europe

Summary of Oradea Romania
Oradea makes the ideal location for a University and is itself a University town, which has become popular amongst foreign medical students. The multi-cultural environment, low crime levels, affordable accommodation and food and efficient transport system make Oradea the perfect location to live and study in. There is beautiful Roman Architecture, numerous restaurants to cater for all food tastes, theatres, movie houses, bowling and entertainment centers, malls and natural geothermal warm baths. The population is around 400 000 and after a year you should know everyone!

It ideally located just 5-10min from the Hungarian border as well as being a doorway to Eastern Europe. The beautiful city of Oradea welcomes you to begin your carreer as a doctor in one of the best study locations in Eastern Europe.

Annual Foreign Medical Student Expenses and Budget

Studying at Oradea University is possibly one of the most affordable options available to International foreign medical students. When compared to other European medical schools, Oradea University offers extremely reasonable medical tuition fees and the living expenses in Oradea are more affordable than one would find in Western Europe and other developed nations. Below are a few approximations of possible expenses, quoted in Euro for one student living alone.
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