Studying in Romania

Recently the Ministry of Education in Romania communicated with all Romanian embassies and consulates around the world to assist students by processing student visas at a faster and more efficient rate. Studying in Romania used to be a difficult process a few years ago, yet as Romania moves towards European Union standards the process has become much easier for students wishing to study a graduate degree program in a foreign country.

Medical Student Advisors is the most well known and reputed company that provides students with an opportunity to take advantage of graduate courses offered in Romania. They recently petitioned for the speeding up of visa processing at Romanian consulates around the world and students wishing to study in Romania can now take advantage of faster and more efficient processing of their student visas, after the recent memo was sent to consulates around the world.

It has been realised that foreign students play a very important role in bringing in foreign currency into a country. In the US alone over 2 billion dollars annually is estimated to be invested in the U.S by indirect spending of foreign students.

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