Foreign Medical Student Life in Romania

The university is committed to creating and maintaining an exciting and productive student environment for Foreign Medical Student Education. Students benefit from the cultural, academic and professional diversity of the faculty and of their classmates. Oradea University fosters the challenge of teamwork and the exchange of ideas. Medical Students participation in a number of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities aimed at enhancing their development as individuals and community leaders is encouraged and promoted. All new students entering Oradea are welcomed to attend an orientation session held by the student association.

Medical Student Life Overview

The central location of Oradea allows an easy access to the cultural and social excitement of Oradea that provides a break from medical student education, which can become quite stressful on the student. The city offers transportation in taxis, buses, trams or trains which connect to the whole of Europe. All hospitals and clinical training sites are easily reached by public transportation. Cars are extremely affordable if students wish to purchase their own vehicle.

The local community are friendly and welcoming to foreigners. Oradea has a virtually zero crime rate, allowing students to feel safe at all times. The night life is more pub orientated, however there are night clubs and movie theatres as well as drama houses. During summer holidays many students tour Europe or go to London to work and make extra pocket money.

In winter students all flock to the nearby geothermal heated natural pools, that steam away in the midst of a snow covered landscape.

Skiing and snow boarding as well as sledging is another favourite in winter. Romania has some excellent ski resorts that are very affordable. There are also a ski area 15 minutes from the city with it's own ski lifts and club house.


Foreign Medical Student Life in Oradea can be very rewarding. You will be exposed to people of various age groups, cultures and nationalities from around our planet. The atmosphere is electric and on weekends everyone lets loose enjoying the fun and excitement, the beautiful city has to offer. Relax at the hot springs, go skiing, go for a work out at one of the gyms or visit out one of the pubs or coffee shops.

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