Postgraduate Medical School Program (Specializations)

Oradea University also caters for doctors wishing to specialize or do postgraduate medical education in a particular area of medicine. Doctors benefit from studying under some of the finest medical professionals in european medical schools . Once a doctor specializes from Oradea University, they can go on to practice in almost any country worldwide. Students undergoing postgraduate studies are required to learn Romanian language, which is necessary for communication with patients. This can be done as a course during the students spare time in the first year. Professors at Oradea also speak English and do assist postgraduate students. Students are also required to attend medical conferences approximately 3 times a year. All syllabus and conferences etc are in Romanian language, so it is important for students to do a course on Romanian language. The postgraduate training involves 3month rotations, at the end of which the student is evaluated by the professor or panel. In some specialties the Professors speak english and will help students with language. An english speaking panel can also be arranged for assessments and evaluations.

I. Surgical specialty

  1. General surgery 5 years
  2. Orthopedics and traumatology 5 years
  3. Cardiovascular surgery 7 years
  4. Neurosurgery 7 years
  5. E.N.T 5 years
  6. Ophthalmology 5 years
  7. Urology 5 years
  8. Obstetrics& gynaecology 5 years
  9. Plastic surgery 5 years
  10. Thoracic surgery 5 years
  11. Infantile surgery 5 years
  12. Anaesthesia and intensive therapy5 years

II. Medical Specialties

  1. Internal medicine 5 years
  2. Cardiology 5 years
  3. Haematology 5 years
  4. Gastroenterology 5 years
  5. Diabetes,Nutrition and metabolic diseases 5 years
  6. Pneumophysiology 5 years
  7. Nephrology 5 years
  8. Allergology and Immunology 5 years
  9. Endocrinology 5 years
  10. General Oncology and Chemotherapy 5 years
  11. Rheumatology 5 years
  12. Balneology and medical recuperation 5 years
  13. Infectious Diseases 5 years
  14. Neurology 5 years
  15. Psychiatry 5 years
  16. Dermatovenerology 5 years
  17. Physiology
  18. Pathological Anatomy
  19. Postgraduate Anatomy

III. Pediatric Specialties

  1. Pediatrics 5 years
  2. Neonatology 5 years
  3. Infantile neurology 5 years
  4. Infantile psychiatry 5 years

Certificate Courses through in depth study

  1. Infectious Diseases: Hiv infection
  2. Inferior digestive endoscopy: The colon pathology.
  3. Neurology: Therapeutic actualities
  4. Internal Medicine: Diabetology, HTA, the myocardium re perfusion
  5. Pharmacology: The study of drugs
  6. Oral-maxi lo-facial: Oral Cancer
  7. Obstetrics-gynaecology: Laproscopic surgery.
  8. Psychiatry: Schizophrenia.
  9. Emergency Medicine: the phase before hospital, emergency management
  10. Anaesthesia: news
  11. General Surgery: Laproscopy gall
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