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Sending your child off to study medicine in Europe or a foreign medical school can be a very worrying and difficult experience. Fortunately Oradea University together with our International Admissions office can help reduce the stress and make the experience pleasant and beneficial. For many years we have successfully placed students from all around the world into our English medical faculty and have seen many move on to the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy and many other countries to practice as doctors. We even offer parents the option of visiting the University with their children. Our International Admissions office insures that your child is safe on arrival to Romania and make sure that they have accommodation and food available after their long journey. We ensure that all their documents are taken care of and that they are given the best advice with finding an apartment and signing a lease. Students from all around the
world enrol at Oradea University so the city is familiar with muslim requirements. Halal meat is available as well as a mosque for prayer.

7 good reasons to send your child to Oradea University

Favoured Destination

In the past decade, Romania has become the most popular destination for international students to study medicine in Europe. Since 1990 thousands of applicants from 52 countries - from the US, South Africa, Uk, India, Pakistan, Mauritius, Zambia, Kenya to Nigeria. Out of all the programs the medical faculties have the highest proportion of international students who come to study medicine in Europe, at certain schools close to 30%

Low Cost

The University fee structure is amongst the most cost-effective to study medicine in Europe. Romania is more affordable than Britain, the US, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic or Australia, in means of living expenses, cost of accommodation or overseas students' tuition fees. Yearly tuition is only 3600$ and living expenses are around 300-400US$ a month.
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Unlike many Universities, University of Oradea recognizes that many students have done their formal education in English medium institutions and are comfortable with English as a medium of instruction. So, you need not take the TOEFL/IELTS.

Entry into European Union

Romania, an Associated Member to the European Union today, is expected to obtain a full Membership in 2007. With Romania all set to enter the European Union in the near future, studying in Romania will give you a entry to the European market without actually having to spend as much money.

Recognized Degree

The degree offered by University of Oradea is accepted and recognized worldwide and recognised by the WHO.
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Safe Study Environment

Oradea is an extremely safe and small city with almost zero crime. This provides an excellent environment for the study of medicine in Europe.

5 Hospitals for clinicals

Oradea University has close relations with 5 major hospitals in the city, where students do all their clinicals and practical work, therefore ensuring good case studies and hands on experience while studying medicine in Europe.

Getting into an affordable medical school in Europe

Medical Student Advisors offers application services to many
medical schools in europe. Please visit their website for more information.

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