Traveling to Romania

Romania has a very good public transport system and national as well as international railway service that has comfortable sleeping coaches that travel to most cities in Eastern Europe with connections to most major European cities.

Flights are available from most European destinations to Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. From Bucharest students may take a flight or train to their study destination. Although much longer than flying, traveling by train allows the newcomer to absorb the beautiful scenery of Romania.

Traveling within Romania

Taxis are always available 24hrs and very safe. They are also extremely cheap and most destinations within the city can be reached for less than a dollar. Electric trams are also running throughout the year and stop at around 1am in most cities. There are also public buses available. In most cases students enjoy walking as Romanian cities are planned like most other western European cities, and getting from one point of interest to the next can be very fast.

A Guide on Transportation Prices in Romania

A local flight from Bucharest to Oradea using Air Tarom, is between € 50 - 100 depending on age and whether you qualify for student prices or not.
A train ticket from Bucharest to Oradea, 1st class, sleeping coach is around € 30-40. The train is heated and you will have a full length bunk to sleep on. It is your responsibility to wake up and disembark at the correct train station.
Taxi fares fluctuate from city to city and average at around 40 cents (€) per kilometer.

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