Medical School Application Requirements

One of the major benefits of studying medicine in Romania, Eastern European and many international medical schools, is the accessible application requirements. Often medical universities require outstanding academic achievement from applicants, who compete for a limited number of seats, whereas international universities with programs for international applicants, tend to have less stringent application requirements.

Medical School Application Requirements for Romania

  • All applicants must be 18 years by October, the beginning of the academic year
  • Prospective students must have completed 12 years of grade school, or have in possession at the time of application, a valid high school diploma recognised by the ministry of education in the country of issue.
  • Applicants must  be of good health (no chronic diseases and psychologically fit) and display good social behavior and ability to integrate into a mature studying environment as well as interact with people of all colors and nationalities.

Who may Apply?

Students from around the globe are welcomed to apply for a seat at any Romanian University. Transfer students and Postgraduate applicants must provide credentials from a recognized medical institute that can be verified. Applicant with science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics etc.) have a better chance.

Medical Student Advisors provides application administering services for international students who want to study medicine at recognized Romanian Medical Schools.

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