Med School Rankings

International Medical University Rankings

European medical universities are generally WHO listed, accredited and degrees issued are recognised in most EU countries. WHO listings, however do not convey any official context regarding the recognition of the qualification.

With regards to rankings of medical schools, the list published by ARWU  shows British, German, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Denmark & Finland with medical universities that are ranked in the top 100 ranked international medical schools. The majority of the universities listed are from the United States. There are also some Canadian universities ranked in the top 100 and one medical university from Brasil!

Regardless of the ranking of medical schools, the list published by ARWU is merely statistical and can in no way convey quality of education or any other quality of experience for international medical students. The data should be used only for general knowledge and not for the purpose of deciding where to study.

med school rankings
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