Foreign Medical Student Testimonials

Here are more comments from current students and parents have made about Oradea University and their experience with the placement service of Medical Student Advisors. All comments are from actual students who used the placement service of Medical Student Advisors and most of these students are still studying at Oradea University. Medical Student Advisors provides a consulting service for individuals looking for study abroad opportunities.

Student and parent testimonials and comments

"I was interested in postgraduate studies after graduating and am very grateful for the Medical Student Advisors office for making arrangements for me to do my specialization in this foreign medical universities. I was also happy to meet many other Africans studying in this beautiful country."

Fabian Titha

"I had previously being studying in a Caribbean Medical school and was not very happy with the level of education, so I transferred along with my boyfriend and a few other students. At Oradea University I was able to gain more confidence and exposure to patients. Also I find the 6 year program more enriching and thorough."

Tammy Reddy

"My trip was a nightmare! I was deported from Oradea because the Embassy in Kenya had made a mistake with my visa. Fortunately in Zurich when I was in transit, Mrs Moodley from MSA sent through documents to the Romanian embassy in Zurich. The consulate in Zurich wrote me letter and I managed to get a flight back to Bucharest. Throughout the ordeal MSA staff was in constant contact with myself and my father and assisted with getting through the problem. Thanks for the help. "
Imraan Khares
"Studying medicine was always my life long dream when I came across Oradea University's web site I saw this as an opportunity to realise this dream. After making contact I was referred to the Medical Student Advisors office and everything was taken care after that. When I arrived in Oradea my apartment was already arranged and because I arrived late and exams were around the corner, this was very convenient and I could start studying straight away."
Gwen Evans
"Our flight arrived early in Bucharest, but fortunately my dad was with me. Mrs Moodley from MSA had instructed us to wait at a hotel. My dad being an airport manger in Dubai, was used to travel and hotels so he comforted me being there. As agreed at 3pm our representative with the other students arrived in a mini-van to pick us up from the hotel. We were then all taken to the train station and sent to Oradea where we were picked up and taken to our apartment which was arranged in advance.My father and I were both happy with Oradea and the University"
Veena Mohan
"I first contacted the MSA office by email after contacting many other foreign medical universities. After a few contacts we sent my documents through and my seat was reserved. I was very worried, because I had not applied anywhere else, but after 2 months I received my acceptance letter and travel arrangements were made. Fortunately my dad came with me. In Bucharest we were picked up in a 4X4 and we were taken to the train station and sent off to Oradea where we were picked up and taken to our hotels"
Raza Khan
"I am a doctor and both my son and daughter are both doctors, qualified in South Africa and India. My youngest son had just finished school and getting a seat in South Africa was almost impossible. India and many other foreign medical universities were also no longer an options for various reasons so I was very relieved to have come across Oradea University. I traveled with my son and 2 other fathers with their children to Romania after arrangements were made with Santhan and everything went well. We were picked up from the airport, accommodation was arranged and we were given all the help and guidance in Oradea. I highly recommend the service of the Medical Student Advisors."
Dr Govender
South Africa
"I am a marketing director and producer for a South African production agency and am very specific to detail and service quality. I was most impressed with the service of the Medical Student Advisors admissions office who took care of everything from the start. When I arrived in Oradea with my daughter I was happy to find accommodation and transport arranged. I know that without their help we would have been lost, because nobody spoke english in Bucharest. My daughter is definitely enrolled at one of better medical schools in europe. "
South Africa
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