Annual Foreign Medical Student Expenses and Budget

Studying at Oradea University is possibly one of the most affordable options available to International foreign medical students. When compared to other European medical schools, Oradea University offers extremely reasonable medical tuition fees and the living expenses in Oradea are more affordable than one would find in Western Europe and other developed nations. Below are a few approximations of possible expenses, quoted in Euro for one student living alone.

Initial International medical students setup expenses?

When the student first arrives, there will be once off expenses for setting up the apartment and completing the students file with the university.

  • * Visa extension: €150 (annual)
  • * Document Translations: €50 (once off)
  • * Student Card: €30 (annual)
  • * Apartment Deposit: €300 - €900 (3months advanced rent or deposit)
  • * Legal fees for contract: €50-100
  • * Cable TV, telephone and internet setup: €50
  • * Linen and miscellaneous items for apartment: €100

Approximate Total: €700-€900

These fees above may decrease or increase depending on apartment size and personal preferences of the student. The above prices will allow for the student to live in a comfortable fully furnished apartment.

Monthly living expenses

In comparison to most European cities, Oradea is very affordable.

* Apartment rental: €150-€400
* Food: €150-200 (includes eating out at restaurants)
* Maintenance, Lights and water: €50-€150
* Transport: €20-€50
* Spending: €50-€100

Approximate Total: €350-€700

All figures are dependent on how the student lives and the level of luxury they require. There are always ways to live more affordably. One may share an apartment and room, cook modest meals at home and budget carefully. Apartments further away from the city centre can be more affordable and a 2 bedroom apartment can be shared between 2 or 3 people. This will reduce the monthly services and rental expenses.

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