University and Application Fees

Oradea University could possibly be one of the most affordable foreign medical schools. Annual tuition fees as well extremely low living expenses make the University an ideal option. Please note that we take all applications seriously and are only prepared to work with students who show a strong interest in studying at Oradea University.

Medical School Graduate program - 3800 USD/yr

Includes all tuition, medical doctor education , lab work and hospital clinical's, as well as examinations.

Postgraduate Programs - 3800-4200 USD/yr

Includes all rotation, syllabus and assessments

Application Service Option Provided by MSA

This is a once off fee and is for the service offered by Medical Student Advisors. You will only be charged if your application is accepted by the Ministry of Education.

Medical Student Advisors is an international student recruitment and placement agency with offices in South Africa, Romania and Argentina. MSA has placed numerous students from around the world at Oradea University. MSA services involve consulting with the student and advising them on their options. Furthermore MSA maintains an independant office in Oradea and provides year round support to students. Students are assisted with accomodation, visa extension, orientation and emergencies via MSA staff. Please visit for more info.

Living Expenses

It is important that students budget well in advance for their studies and living expenses in Oradea. To assist with visa processing we suggest that students come with sufficient funds to pay for 1 year of expenses. Please click here for a full budget on living expenses.

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