Romanian Faculty of Medicine

A Brief Overview of Romanian Faculties of Medicine

Romanian medical universities offer quality education for students interested in pursuing a career in Medicine. Most of the English Medical Departments were  opened in the early 90s and have since produced 1000s Medical Doctors from countries all around the world. The medical qualifications are highly recognized and graduates write the same state licensing exams as the Romanian language departments. The majority of Romanian International Medical Universities are non-profit and is owned by the state, although they maintain autonomy in their management.

Undergraduate Programs

  • General Medicine - Long term english medical education , 6 years/full-time - Doctor Diploma
  • Stomatology - Long term university education, 6 years / full-time - Doctor Diploma
  • Pharmacy - Long term university education, 5 years / full-time - University Diploma
  • Physiokinetotherapy - Long term university education, 5 years / full-time - University Diploma

Specializations Postgraduate Programs

  • Anatomy - Doctorate - Doctorate Diploma
  • Pathological Anatomy - Doctorate - Doctorate Diploma
  • Pharmacology - Doctorate - Doctorate Diploma
  • Physiology - Doctorate - Doctorate Diploma
  • Internal Medicine - Doctorate - Doctorate Diploma
  • Surgery - Doctorate - Doctorate Diploma

Some research directions

  • human physiology
  • the influence of the electromagnetic field on the immune response of the living organism
  • the influence of the thymus on the phagocytic reaction
  • the unspecific immune response at the diabetes patients
  • the cerebral vasomotor response at the altitude hypoxia
  • theoretic and clinic studies regarding the osteoporosis phenomena that can appear at the astronauts in imponderability state conditions
  • the study of the Mreticulum
  • the morphology and the reactivity of the conjunctival tissue
  • the reactivity and the cytohistochemical modifications of the nervous tissue
  • clinical immunology and autoimmune diseases
  • the study of the aspects linked to the actions of the geothermal agents both on the human body and in the therapy of some diseases (in cooperation with The National Center of Geothermal Researches)
  • the bony reactivity in dental implants
  • the pharmacology of different enzymes
  • bones banks, tissues, kidney
  • renal transplant
  • medical statistical studies
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