Baile Felix Spa(10min from Oradea University)

Famous bathing spa, Baile Felix Spa, situated nearby (only 8 km from Oradea), offers excellent accommodation conditions and treatment with geothermal water with temperatures between 45-112 C degrees. Baile Felix Spa has 20 hotels, 6 modern treatment bases linked directly to hotels by covered and heated passages, allowing the balneary treatment to be done at best condition even in the cold season. For spare time activities, the spa has covered and uncovered pools, rooms for electronic games, sport grounds,cinema,discotheque.

Spa Location

Baile Felix Map Location

Spas Info

Started by Romans and unique in Europe. Today Romania's 70 natural spas provide relief for many medical disorders and illnesses including rheumatism, endocrine, kidney, liver, respiratory, heart, stomach and nervous diseases as well as nutrition, metabolism and gynecological disorders.

Romania is home to more than one third of Europe's mineral and thermal springs. Natural factors are complemented — under attentive medical care — by physiotherapy, acupuncture, electrotherapy and medicines produced from plants.

Spa Resorts

All-Season resort of national importance situated in NW Romania (Bihor county), in the Cris Plain, elevation 140 m, in a hilly area with beach and oaktree woods. Temperate-continental climate with oceanic influences from the west. The annual average temperature is of 10.6°C (July average 21°C; January average -2°C). Summers are not excessively hot and winters are mild. Moderate precipitation (650 mm annually).

Many mineral springs with thermal waters (20-48°C), oligothermal, radioactive, sulphurated, calcic, sodic, bicarbonated waters known since the beginning of the millenium. Fossil sapropelic mud.

Resorts Pictures

Baile Felix Map LocationBaile Felix Map Location

Thermal Waters Benefits

The soothing effect of the waters on articular and muscular pain and on various rheumatic neuralgias accounts for the fame of cures in the resort for the treatement of inflamatory rheumatic diseases (rheumatic polyarthritis, rheumatoid spondylitis, conditions after acute articular rheumatism), degenerative (spondylosis, arthrosis, polyarthrosis, lumbar sciatica) and abarticular rheumatic diseases (tendonitis, tendomyositis, scapulohumeral perriarthritis etc.), central and peripheral neurological disorders (hemipareses, parapareses etc.), gyynecological diseases (chronic metrosalpingitis, minor pubertal or menopausal disorders), post-traumatic conditions (after operations on articulations, muscles and bones, after fractures, sprains, luxations etc.), endocrinological disorders etc.

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