Medical School Admission to Romanian Universities

Students can apply for free by writing directly to the Ministry of Education. Please make sure that documents are all complete and that you apply 6-8 months before the academic year begins in October.

Note that applicants who apply directly should apply very early and be prepared to resubmit their file if any errors are found. The Ministry are very particular about application presentation as well as correct documents being sent through. Applicants who apply to Romanian universities on their own are fully responsible for correctly completing their application file and providing all the documentation.

The biggest obstacles facing applicants who apply directly, either to the university or ministry of education in Romania, is one of communication and responsibility for the application file. Communication between university staff and the Romanian Ministry of education is not optimal, often resulting in delays and no point of contact to inquire about the progress of the application file. Should the file go missing in transit or should there be a document missing, the applicant has little chance of correcting the issue.

For this reason, in Romania, a number of agencies have opened, that offer application processing services. Many agencies have sprung up over night and applicants should consider carefully their credibility. There are however one or two consultancies that are well established and offer a genuine service to international applicants to Romania.

Medical Student Advisors (MSA) is an International corporation involved in the placement of medical students in WHO listed medical universities -- as well as making sure that their client applications stand the best chance of getting accepted. MSA has been providing application processing and preparation since 2001 in Romania and provides an excellent service to those students who want a better chance of getting accepted by the Romanian Ministry of Education.

MSA has offices in Romania and work closely with the Ministry of Education and Universities ensuring that applicants get accepted. Please visit the website of Medical Student Advisors to apply online.

Required Documents

The following list is a summary of documents required. It is critical that all applicants review the current list of requirements with someone who understands the process of preparing an application file to Romania.

  • Completed application form
  • Certified / Notarised copies of secondary school certificates
  • Certified / Notarised copy of Valid Passport
  • Certified / Notarised copy of Birth Certificate
  • Medical Report (HIV test included)
  • 4 passport photos
  • 1 page essay on reasons for studying medicine or dentistry
  • Certified / Notarised copy of University transcripts (Transfers)
  • CV and copy of MD diploma (Medical Postgraduate Specializations)
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