Romanian Medical Schools: Application Procedure

Applications for a seat at Romanian Medical Universities are submitted directly with The Romanian Ministry of Education, via the university or third parties. Applications need to be submitted to the Ministry 6-8 months prior to the academic year in order to ensure a possibility of getting a seat.

Required Documents

  • Completed application form || Download Here
  • Certified / Notarised copies of secondary school certificates
  • Certified / Notarised copy of Valid Passport
  • Certified / Notarised copy of Birth Certificate
  • Medical Report (HIV test included)
  • 4 passport photos
  • 1 page essay on reasons for studying medicine or dentistry
  • Certified / Notarised copy of University transcripts (Transfers)
  • CV and copy of MD diploma (Medical Postgraduate Specializations)

All documents are to be sent via courier or registered mail. Applicants may have a better chance of getting accepted by submitting their files directly to the university in comparison to sending files directly to the ministry of education in Romania. Romanian universities often publish a list of received application files on their website. This does not indicate that the file has been accepted. The file has yet to be approved by the ministry of education.

Often due to limited resources, university staff are unable to give individual applicants the support and advice required to correct mistakes and ensure that the file has the best chances of being accepted by the ministry of education.

For this reason it is highly recommended that international applicants to Romanian medical schools, use a trusted third party service like Medical Student Advisors to help with the preparation of a complete application file. Applications prepared by professionals that have experience with the Romanian medical school application procedure, have a far better chance of being accepted as compared to applications submitted directly by the applicant.

Foreign Medical School Application Process Overview Complete the online registration by clicking on Apply Now. When your online application is complete, submit it for pre-aproval after which you be required to send us certified copies of your documents, which will be verified and then submitted to the Ministry of Education. Within 4-12 weeks you will receive your acceptance letter and can make travel arrangements.

What Happens Next?

Your on-line application will be reviewed within 2 working days and if approved, you will be asked to immediately courier your documents to our applications office. Once we receive the couriered documents, these will be verified. Acceptable applicants will be required to pay a refundable deposit depending on which Application package they have selected from Medical Student Advisors. Your specially prepared application will then be submitted directly to the Ministry of Education for processing of your acceptance letter. We will also reserve a seat for you pending outcome from the Ministry of Education. Approximately 98% of applicants who apply via Medical Student Advisors are accepted. If your application is denied, your deposit is refunded and your seat is re-allocated to the next applicant. European medical schools

What Happens once I get my acceptance letter

Once we receive your acceptance letter from The Ministry of Education, it is couriered to you. The acceptance letter can take between 3 weeks to 12 weeks to process with The Ministry of Education. You are then required to apply for your student visa. Travel arrangements can then be made. MSA service includes assistance with visa application, travel, accommodation and orientation to university. -->
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