Oradea is a university city in Eastern/Central Europe

Summary of Oradea Romania
Oradea makes the ideal location for a University and is itself a University town, which has become popular amongst foreign medical students. The multi-cultural environment, low crime levels, affordable accommodation and food and efficient transport system make Oradea the perfect location to live and study in. There is beautiful Roman Architecture, numerous restaurants to cater for all food tastes, theatres, movie houses, bowling and entertainment centers, malls and natural geothermal warm baths. The population is around 400 000 and after a year you should know everyone!

It ideally located just 5-10min from the Hungarian border as well as being a doorway to Eastern Europe. The beautiful city of Oradea welcomes you to begin your carreer as a doctor in one of the best study locations in Eastern Europe.

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More information on Oradea

Oradea City is situated in the North West of Romania and stretches on the both banks of the Crisul Repede river . This geographical position stimulated the evolution of the town because along the valley of the Crisul Repede River a link between western and south eastern Europe developed, even towards the Near East, Oradea having become an important commercial town. By its position within our country, being situated at 12 km from the west border, Oradea is the main gate at the western frontier of Romania.

The systematical archaeological research developed in the town area pointed out the existence of some settlements belonging to the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages. The rich archaeological discoveries enriches today the collections of several prestigious museums from Romania and abroad.

Those who lived here were the "Free Dacians" and the Roman withdrawal did not disturb the life of the Dacian communities in the area of Oradea. According to the archaeological evidence, the Dacian population remained stable in the old places, having more or less intense connections with the migratory population, which successively passed from the Asian continent towards central parts of Europe.

Topologically certified since 1113 (Varadinum), in documents, Oradea was recorded as town (civitas Varadiensis) in 1374 .The Tartar invasion in 1241, described by Rogerius monk who witnessed the events, devastated the region, being thus the moment of a new beginning.
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